Services & Repairs

Unlike many jewellery designers and makers, Scott Millar Jewellery can offer a range of other services to provide a well rounded jewellery experience.

As well as his own jewellery creations, Scott has over a decades worth of experience working for jewellery business ranging from making stock for high street shops, producing high end bespoke jewels for established independents through to repairing and renovating family heirlooms to their original glory.

This experience means he understands the integrity and importance of each piece, which can be lovingly repaired, renovated or resized for you.

All of his repair work is fully guaranteed for 12 months (unless otherwise stated ahead of any work being completed).

You can view some examples of repair and setting work below.

How does it work?

If you have a piece you would like him to work on, simply contact Scott providing as much information as you can.

From this, you will be given advice and guidance on what is needed as well as a guide price and time frame.

You will receive a pack with simple, easy to follow instructions in the post to send your jewellery which will be fully insured from the second it is posted to when it is returned to you. The pack includes an easy to use ring sizer if relevant.

On receiving your jewellery, you will receive confirmation on the exact work that is needed, price and expected timeframe. If you decide not to go ahead your jewellery will be returned to you at no cost.

How long will the work take?

The beauty of jewellery is that every piece is unique. Because of this it can be a difficult to provide an exact time frame.

When your make an initial enquiry you will be given an estimated timeframe which will be confirmed when your jewellery is received.

Ring Resizing

The most common type of repair work. Your ring can be sized up or down to be worn with comfort.

Using only a high quality approach, metal of the same colour and quality is added into the band to enlarge it.

To reduce in size, a small section of metal is removed and the band soldered back up to provide a completely invisible join.

All rings are then given a full clean and polish to bring back to life and make those gemstones sparkle again!

Stone Setting & Replacement

Occasionally through general wear and tear gemstones can become loose, wobble or even fall out.

This is where Scott can help - through years of training he is well equipped to reset and secure loose gemstones.

If your stones have been lost or damaged we can provide an additional quote to source replacement stones that match the originals.

You will find this to cost less than your high street jewellers as we do not have the overheads of a high street premises to cover.

All pieces are given a full clean and polish as part of the service to make your jewellery jump back to life.

Claw Re-tip & Replacement

Over time the prongs - or claws - that hold stones in place can wear flat, thin or even break off. You should ideally have the security of stones checked once a year if worn regularly.

This delicate work is something only an experienced jeweller with in-depth knowledge of gemstones and stone setting should carry out.

Replacing or repairing any claws to give a visually seamless finish as well as protecting your gemstones, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have years of security for your gem set jewellery.

Cleaning, Polishing & Plating

If you want to give your jewellery a new lease of life the simplest way is to book in for a full clean and polish. This will remove any scratches, scuffs and tarnish caused by general wear.

Any white gold jewellery can also be given a fresh rhodium plate to bring back its original brilliant sheen.


If your jewellery is broken or not in a wearable condition yet too special to sit in a box and not be worn you should consider a full refurbishment.

Whether it is a thin or broken ring shank to a pendant that has been run over by a car (yes, it has happened!) it can be brought back to its original condition.